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Lacotta - Pots & Tiles
Lacotta Pots & Tiles was established in 1987 and has been satisfying customers with quality and innovative products ever since then. The Company quickly became a leading manufacturer of concrete products through the use of imported and local technology. An initial franchise arrangement with a Johannesburg company lasted until the local company was able to develop at its own pace. The franchise was then terminated and the company is now independent.
As its name suggests, the Company has always had two 'legs', being the production of concrete floor coverings and paving products, and the manufacture of garden and decorative pots. A subsequent foray into the manufacture of clay tiles proved less successful and this was stopped. The 'look' of Lacotta tiles does not seek to be that of simulated stone. A unique and distinctive range of semi-rustic and more formal or sophisticated floor coverings are made to suit the décor of any building.

Today the Company is building on its enviable name in the markets it serves. We are constantly extending our product range in the form of new pot designs, tile sizes and colour choices. These new products often result from specific requests from clients or may be the product of our own development programme. Our loyal and mostly long-serving staff continues to try and provide the best service possible to a wide range of corporate and domestic customers. This is what makes Lacotta a successful company.

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