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Laying Lacotta and Tessaria Tiles
  • The Lacotta tiles are hand finished and somewhat irregular in size. Tessaria tiles are regular and smooth.
  • Tiles should be laid, using a cement-based tile adhesive, on a dry concrete or screeded base.
  • A 15 - 20 mm, or larger, grout gap is recommended for Lacotta tiles.
  • Expansion joints may be required for large areas and where under-tile heating is used.
    Laying Lacotta Paving Slabs and Flagstones:
  • Slabs, usually with a non-slip finish, are most often laid outdoors in a wide variety of applications.
  • Gaps between slabs may be grouted, filled with stone chips or planted with suitable small plants, (groundcovers) or grasses. Slabs should be laid on a stable, well-compacted base using a layer of sand. The semi-dry sand may be stabilized with cement for added durability. Special bases are required for motor car driveways.
  • Some Tips: If a rubber mallet is used. Cover it with a cloth to prevent black marks on the product. Pencil marks may be removed with an eraser.
  • The grout powder should be mixed with water to a semi-dry consistency. (e.g. as for a topping) Preferably, some of the water may be replaced with an acrylic bonding agent such as 'Permobond' or similar.
  • Compact the grout mixture into the gap and smooth with a small trowel, then brush away excess grout before wiping with a wet sponge.
  • Do not use grout mixed to a paste as it shrinks more, and excess grout on the tile surface will be difficult to remove.
  • Remove all excess grout/cement before it dries. This is most important.
    Sealing and Paving:
  • All the products are porous and should be sealed to enhance their appearance and prevent staining.
  • The completed floor should be thoroughly cleaned before sealing. All excess grout, cement and other dirty marks must be removed. Do not use acid-based cleaners (e.g. 'Mortarlift'). 'Superkleen', an industrial detergent available from Lacotta, is excellent for cleaning tiles.
  • 'Gripseal', the recommended acrylic sealer, may be applied using a lint-free cloth, a sponge, a paint roller, a squeegee mop or similar applicator. Pools of sealer in grout lines or other areas should be removed and not left to dry. Rinse the applicator periodically in water to prevent excessive foaming. Do not squeeze the sponge too much.
  • Bubbles of sealer left to dry will leave marks on smooth tiles. Gently wipe away bubbles as sealer dries.
  • Apply three thin coats of sealer to a cool surface. The sealer should penetrate the tiles/grout and not dry before it has soaked in. Seal the floor when it is cool. Allow approximately 1 hour drying time between coats. A thick coat of sealer is not advised to achieve a higher gloss on the floor. Rather use a polish.
  • The first two coats of sealer should be diluted with 50% water and the third coat applied neat.
  • As with other similar products, regular maintenance will keep the products looking their best.
  • Floors may be washed using a good household detergent or 'Superkleen' without affecting the sealer.
  • The sealer may be re-applied to areas where it has worn off. A thick build-up of sealer should be avoided as this will trap dirt and show scratch marks.
  • Old sealer may be stripped off using 'Brushclean', available from Lacotta, and the floor re-sealed as above. Acid or acid-based cleaners will damage the surface of the product and the grout.
  • Floor maintenance products, may be used sparingly on the sealed floor. A build-up of waxy or other deposits should be avoided. (e.g. Johnson's Future)
  • Water seeping out of plant pots, pool water or rainwater that dries repeatedly on the floor, may leave white deposits which are sometimes mistaken for fading of the tile colour.
    We trust that the Lacotta products will give many years of good service. However, as we have no control over the laying or sealing of the product, Lacotta does not take any responsibility for incorrectly laid product or faulty sealer application.
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